Best Selling Ashtray Sets

The word itself is a static sigh that no smoke exhalation can match. Despite this, it’s always been the bridesmaid, never the bride. While popular culture – and its acolyte, the consumer industry – has mythologized the products of a $760 billion global tobacco market (minus the estimated $136.2 billion Great Chainsmoke of China), the ashtray has gone unnoticed. No Sergio Leone film featuring Clint Eastwood chewing on a cigarello depicts an ashtray. No Rajanikanth cigarette flick qualifies him as needing one.

When it comes to ashtray sets, there are some very unique and interesting options. These include the presidential Rolex ashtray, the Skeleton ashtray, and the Big Mouth Smokey. The possibilities are endless, so there is something for every taste. If you are looking for a unique ashtray, consider getting one of these sets. You will be glad you did shop online here.

Below are some of the best ashtray sets:

Ceramic Shark Ashtray

If you’re a fan of the sea and like to have a shark motif on your home, you’ll love the Ceramic Shark Ashtray Set. These stylish and practical ashtrays make great gifts for a shark lover. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, these ceramic ashtrays are easy to clean and maintain. They also come in two different color patterns, making them ideal for a variety of settings. They also look like miniature works of pottery that are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Presidential Rolex Ashtray

The President series features the classic brushed gold Presidential logo etched on the front. This classic design is available in a variety of precious metals, including 18k gold, diamond, and stainless steel. President watches have the famous President bracelet, and some also come with other options such as a sapphire crystal. Other options include watches with a luminous dial and a case back that can be personalized with a message.

The Presidential Rolex is the ultimate in refined product, and the President’s ashtray set is no exception. Each tray is hand-poured in the U.S. and designed for the perfect beach view. The Presidential Rolex ashtray is made of natural sea wood and hammered metal, and is sure to provide some very chill vibes. There are also ashtray sets for the office and in private, but this is the most sophisticated and refined style available.

Skeleton Ashtray

A skeleton ashtray set is the perfect Halloween decoration for the marijuana enthusiast. The ashtray is about six inches wide and hand-painted. This ashtray is windproof and also suitable for use outdoors. Skeleton sex ashtray sets can be used in any room in the house as decoration and can also serve as ashtray.

Big Mouth Smokey Ashtray

The Big Mouth Smokey Ashtray set is an essential addition to any smoker’s home. These ashtrays feature a curved lip for a rolled cigarette and a removable, resealable lid. They also come with a matching wooden spoon for rolling a cigarette. They are great for parties, picnics and outdoor entertaining. During windy days, you’ll be able to close the lid to keep smoke, embers, and ashes in one place.

The smokey ashtray is designed with a lift-up visor and a cigarette resting spot in the lid. The ashtray set also features the word SMOKEY on top for easy identification. Made from durable iron, this ashtray set is fashioned in the shape of a big mouth. The ashtrays come mounted on a pedestal for easy placement. The smokey ashtray set has a unique handmade design, so no two are exactly alike.

Patty Ashtray with Lid

The Patty Ashtray with Lid is a stylish ashtray by Blomus. It has a removable lid that features a bowl-type design and an ash basin lever. It is dishwasher safe and made of stainless steel. Designed to keep your ashes safe, this ashtray will hold the ashes until you are ready to burn them out. It ships in three to five business days.

The stainless steel Patty Ashtray with Lid is made with sleek, contemporary designs and impeccable craftsmanship. It will look amazing in any environment. Not only will you appreciate the sleek design, but it will cover up the cigarette butts smell and make your place look clean and modern. Simply press the angular button to remove the ashtray and wipe it clean. Then, you can enjoy a smoke without worrying about smoky hands.